Organising committee

The Summer School is organized by the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL) in the Department of Economics and ManagementFaculty of Law, Economics and Finance of University of Luxembourg.The centre is a member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Supply Chain And Logistics Excellence (MIT SCALE) network and strives for excellence in research, education, and knowledge transfer.

The organising committee consists of Professors Joachim Arts and Benny Mantin as well as a group of (post-) doctoral researchers:

  • Sarah van der Auweraer (post-doctoral researcher)

  • Melvin Drent (doctoral researcher)

  • Nicole Perez-Becker (doctoral researcher)

Benny Mantin, Joachim Arts, Sarah van der Auweraer, Melvin Drent, Nicole Perez-Becker

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